The Frogs

The frogs first came to visit my garden in 2007 and have been here ever since, i don’t know why because at that time i had no water in the garden at all except of course in the winter when it had a tendency to flood once in awhile.
But to my delight they stayed so i sunk small vessels around the garden underneath and behind the bushes for then to have a bit of water in the summer.
They enjoyed that and the numbers grew i adore frogs i have collected ornamental ones for years.
so in 2008 i bought a cat litter tray and sunk it i the border just at the edge of the lawn and it did not take long before the frogs were in and out of it i had gravel and some broken crocks in in for shade soon some plants began to grow in it.
Then in March 2009 one morning i went out into the garden and there was frog spawn in the little pond loads of it, i was so excited i felt like a kid at Christmas !
so i did a lot of reading about tadpoles and decides to separate the spawn into all the other little vessels around the garden to give them more of a chance, as they grew and developed i know i had to build a bigger pond.
So i did not having ever done it before again i scoured the Internet and dug the hole myself then lined it with carpet then sand then a pond liner then more sand and gravel and large pebbles, i could not get a pump at this time, so i bought lots of plants and sunk half broken clay plant pots for shade and cover and made one side shallow so the little frogs can climb out when ready.
I situated the pond at the edge of the lawn graduating into the borders so that when they emerged they could hide from predators i also have put upturned plant pots around the garden with arches cut for doorways for then to hide.


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