The picture below

The pink celmatis you can see has taken approx 8 years to go to this size along the boundry fence,

In the winter it looks pretty awful but as we get into April/may  it just explodes in the most glorious carpet of pink, as the months progress each tendril is tied in to produce the carpet effect.

It’s a shame really that i cannot get a photo of the whole garden in one shot.

The azalia’s are very mature approx 25 years old and still never cease to amaze me every year, the beauty is stunning, i dread the wind and rain at this time as the flowers hate these conditions, but without fail when they are in full bloom the wind comes then it rains for days, which of course shortens the flower period. such a shame, however that’s nature but they do re-flower later in the summer, not as densly though.


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