The garden in July

The weather, has been pretty awful this month of July, not a lot of sun at all, the sweet peas have done wonderful, although now mildew is setting in  i am still cutting a bucket full of flowers every day, they are covered in green fly  which always happens each year, speaying makes no difference as the plant is so big and the spray marks the flowers i wish i could upload a picture but there is a fault on this site and i can’t.

the duckweed in the pond is still there even after paying  pounds for a cure.

the lillies are on the last but there are a few gaint one to come out yet although in this weather they wont do so well. my roses are not flowering which i find odd

they are green and healthy but no flowers.

the petunia’s were really good this year, i have cut them down twice and they have flourished again. the rain has ruined the begonia flowers.


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