The early summer Garden

I have  had 3 blackbird nests as far as i know, all the fledglings seemed to have come out of the nests early and spent time in the garden  before flying off, parents really worked hard to feed them however i did not see much of the female the male seemed to do all the work, also had 2 sparrow nests one egg did not hatch but all the others were fine and have fledged and left the garden. I am still puting mealworms out as the are birds still feeding their young.

I  re-designed the garden and took up the lawn to have more flower beds, i am pleased with the result and all plants growing well, some are growing better than others so i will keep a note and move them accordingly, it’s all trail and error.

My verybeautiful large acer that is in a big pot has suffered from all the wind, and looking quite sad a lot of the leaves have been damaged. i have moved it to a sheltered spot hopefully it will recover if not i will plant it in the ground in the autumn.

Tadpoles are doing well and have back legs hope to see some baby frogs soon.

I have ben making some homes for solitary bees which i hope will work. The outdoor tomaoes are doing ok not as good as last year, the leaves on the plants are splitting and due to the rain and then hot sun alot are burnt but they are still producing.

The strawberry are fabulous, they are so big this year and only one has been eaten by the birds.

I am off to the Gardeners world flower show next week, although i don’t have any space in the garden for more plants! but i do have lots of pots. One will always find room.


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