love my garden/wildlife

love my garden/wildlife.

January 2012, So far so good we have not had any snow up to now in fact the weather has been quite mild even the plants are flowering. the  white helebores as usual look stunning the plant has 11 heads this year it started to bud in november and now all the flowers are open. I even came across a tiny frog when sorting the garden very unusual.

One of the new beds i have changed for this summer  last year i had fushia’s this year its going to be a rockery with  the plants being from the blue end of the spectrum. the sunflowers did very well last year in pots so this year i going to plant them at the back along the fence hopefully they will get a good start before all the foliage around them starts to bloom. Can’t wait to start sowing seeds in the green house again.

The birds have been a wonderful site we have had goldfinches, wagtails, longtail tits, robins, hedge sparrows and the normal blackbirds of course.


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