Spring has Sprung

Its Thursday 28th March and the snow has almost cleared from the garden. The sun was shinning today so i ventured out to see the damage, what a wonderful surprise, no damage at all, what i find quite remarkable is that before the snow there were no signs of Lillie’s ( far to early i thought) so under that blanket of snow they were still growing and today they are all about 2 inches high. after all these years of gardening it still ceases to amaze me. The plants in the greenhouse are coming on a treat granted it has been cold but just that little bit of sun each day keeps it at a good temperature. My big ball cactus is in bud, the Jasmine is in flower the tomato seedlings are up and have their second leaves i have approx 32 of these, far to many for me so i will have to give them away to friends, i can’t help it i just love planting seeds anything and everything to see if i can grow it and end up with a very full greenhouse, but that’s the fun of gardening don’t you agree!






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