10th April 2013 .Well the snow has gone but it’s still very cold here in the  northwest we are still having early morning frosts, But alas no rain which the garden needs right now as  the ground is so dry , rain has been forecast for tonight, fingers crossed, however the garden is slowly coming to life. We have a visitor, yes it’s a squirrel although it’s very sweet it is helping itself to my bulbs, so many of my Lilly and other bulbs have disappeared i know this because yesterday i caught it red handed digging up a lilly bulb,as it saw me the squirrel dropped the bulb and ran away, a few days ago i could not understand why there were holes and deep depressions around the garden they were not characteristic of the mess the back birds make digging for snails or grubs. so what do i do?  to preserve my bulbs i wonder, one idea would be to buy it some food  a little searching on google should give me some ideas  There is still no frog spawn in the pond which i find quite sad i always look forward to that event. I  do hear the male frogs  but i do think it’s to late.                                                                 


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