Spring at last

Well finally the garden is springing into life,big jobs this week has been the decking i have to decide to remove it or replace it as it has woodworm which is slowly but surley disintergrating each plank but for now i have cleaned it and preserved it in a green colour for a change, i love it when it’s all clean and tidy although it does not last long, the pots are all planted up and we have colour.
Having been in the garden for past 3 days i have seen lots of butterfly’s and bumble bee’s which do have a habit of flying into the greenhouse while i am in there and i have to rescue them as they don’t seem to be able to find the open window, but the sweetest thing is the bluetit who has been fighting it’s own reflection in my garden mirrors and making a terrible noise about it.
The greenhouse as usual is just not big enough! i cant resist planting seeds and cuttings and all of the cuttings from last summer have survived the winter and are growing well, i dont have heating in there but it is lined with bubble wrap. the cuttings i took from my sons Aloe are huge also the money plant cuttings just grow so easy. I am very pleased that the cuttings i took from the scented geraniums last year have survived the winter and are now nearly fully grown i will leave them untill the end of May before i put them in the garden just to be safe.
All my Azalea are in bud and they do make a fine show when they flower each one is approx 25 years old i will take a photo when they flower. i can do most things but one thing i have been unable to do is take cuttings from them, they never work!


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