Garden Center’s

Bank holiday Monday, the  proverbial visits to garden centers far and wide in search of rare or unusual plants, disappointed yet again each one stocked with the same commercial stock even the small privately owned ones i remembered from a few years ago were now now on the same band waggon trays and trays of common plants, I missed going to the Harrogate spring show this year  due to unforeseen circumstance, so i will have to wait for the BBC gardeners world show in birmingham and of course Tatton  to fuel my desires. I did purchase an Acer  ‘Koto No Ito’  in translation means ‘Harp strings’ is a small, upright tree with very delicate leaves, but with a striking resemblance to willow from a distance, as the leaves are linear, and weeping in habit. Green in spring and summer and turning to a rich gold in autumn. It grows best in partial or dappled shade,  acid soil is best, with protection against wind to prevent leaf scorch. i am going to keep this one in a pot for now as it’s so delicate i will move it around the garden to protect it.


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