Summer no longer

The summer this year did not seem to last long ,all to soon we are in autumn. The garden this year although full it was not the best year for flowers and i never seem to have enough space for everything i want to grow again this year i had problems in the pots  due to the dreaded vine weavil  each year i empty and renew all the pots wether i want to or not because of this little blighter! These greedy grubs live in the soil, feed on plant roots – even burrowing into corms, tubers and rhizomes – and not surprisingly cause plants to wilt, keel over and even die. I will not use spray insecticides in the garden because of the wildlife so i will have to invest in a chemical to go in the watering can and water it in  This is the adult that eats the leaves

these are the grubs that do the damage

The pest i have aquired this year is earwigs now these do make a mess of the plants.



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