Spring 2014 at Last

Well it’s been a wet but mild winter here in northwest England, we haven’t seen any snow the sledges shall be packed away until next year.
A lot of plants in the garden have survived including the geraniums although I will cut them in a month or so to promote new growth. I have battled with the cat (I have acquired ) this winter due to a lot of soil being exposed due to perennials dying down she thinks the whole garden is her toilet needless to say the garden looked like a building site as I had to protect my plants from being dug up, cats and treasured gardens don’t mix.
The squirrel population is growing, last season there was 1 now there are 4 I have protected my Lilly bed this year as last year all my Lilly bulbs were stolen !
As you might have read in previous posts the ‘decking project ‘ well it’s underway again the planter is finished using the recycled decking and planted up with evergreen ferns and unusual varieties of ivy as this spot gets no sun at all it’s looking good, I shall post some photos later, stay tuned !


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