The May Garden

Well it’s May, and the garden is looking good, now that”s usually hard for me say because for me it’s  never quite good enough! My Bonsai are leaving out wonerfully, there are lot’s of tadpoles some with back legs, The decking project is ust about finished, all the lillies are up not in flower yet and i didn’t loose any to the squirrels this year, the Azaleas are in full bloom and stunning.

The sick Azalea i told you about is slowly coming back to health however it wont be this season, now there’s a story! after finding soft scale i had to take drastic action ( details are in past posts) I washed it with a mix of neem oil and horticultural soap, then over a period of weeks  i hosed it and sprayed it and hosed it and sprayed it then i read somewhere that non bio clothes wash liquid mixed with water would do jst as well so i tried it ( a lot cheaper than neem) it did the job beautifully all the black came of the leaves and the branches and the plant was trying so hard to come into flower and i had to keep cutting them off to give it a rest, i am talking thousands of flowers not just one or two. I persivered  and now i have lots of new growth which looks free from pests. i also purchased Diamatacious earth  to help bugs naturally i will post some photo’s then and now.

Lots  and lots of bees in the garden today despite the cat trying to catch them and of course the very large Clematis montana looking fabulous


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