My Bonsai ‘healthy and happy’

I consider myself a good seasoned gardener i am knowledgable which has been learned over many many years.

I have had bonsai trees for many years and really when i think back i just left them alone to grow i tended then very little and i checked them for repotting i never fed them! and they grew into very handsome plants. most i have grown some i have purchased.

Last year i joined a bonsai group there knowledge was amazing i learned things that i had never thought about when caring for my trees. I studied and read all i could  from books and on the world wide web,  i went to bonsai workshops, i was overwhelmed with all this new knowledge. Had i been doing it all wrong? -but my trees were healthy and happy ! i had been using the wrong soil, i had not fed them, i had not wired them- but my trees were healthy and happy! i never put thought into the pots i used just bonsai pots i liked, or what was the front or back of the tree or was the pot to small or to big, but my trees were healthy and happy! and to me they looked good. I repotted when i thought it was needed irregardless of the time of year and never lost a tree!

Armed with all this new knowledge i ordered various potting mediums from reputable bonsai companies, bonsai food, wire  and various pots. I was  now eager to to put all this  knowledge into practice.

Spring    slowly but surley, i repotted my trees into designed potting medium trimmed roots  wired shaped fed pruned and watered according to the age old rules of bonsai, and waited, would this make my trees even better would they be stunning i wondered well i waited  and watched. -but my trees were not healthy or happy, i lost 4 trees i have two sick ones what have i done wrong? well nothing according to the experts all the same i am at a loss for a reasonable explanation. i have not given up hope after all one needs patience when growing bonsai  so now i am looking forward to next spring to see if my treasured trees recover.


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