A lot has changed in the garden over the past year or two it has evolved into  what i like to think of as a country garden. My garden has different aspects depending on where the sun  and wind reaches, the garden is not large by any means and has three  fenced boundries but no fencing can be seen. In the area where the the sun does not reach very often except in the height of summer when it gets the beautiful morning sun the small creepers have naturalized themselves which to me is delightful and i always have something  to carefully take up and make into kusamono or accent plants and i have a very different kinds of moss, which is vey useful for my bonsai there is no shortage of this in the winter months.   There is also quite a few acer’s in this area as due to the large clematis and bamboo which completly covers and very much higher than the fencing, therefore protecting the plants on this side  from the wind and the hot midday sun in summer.

Acers are  now a firm favorite in my garden a lot of different variaties and all at various ages and size from sticks to my largest which dominates alone in the center bed, they excite me in spring when they start to bud  the colours of the of the brand new fresh leaves  a while later, the growth througout the summer and then onto autumn when the colour changes are stunning then slowly but surley they loose their leaves one by one.  The same of course for my Bonsai acers The Arakawa, Kiyohime, Shishigashira,  Palmatum Bloodgood, Shaina, Dissectums and the field maples. Once the leaves have gone  i can see the shape of the trees and what prunning is needed in the spring.

Azalea’s are another one of my passsions in my humble garden i have eight of these glorious plants  three of which are 30 yrs old and each year in spring they never fail to impress. This year i have pruned some of them now are they are completely round and look fabulous can’t wait for the spring to see what they look like in flower.

I still have the problem of the neigbours contantly tearing at my magnificant clematis which runs on the boundry between the two gardens it does not overhang on their side maybe a few leaves and sprouts every now and then after all its a plant! and i do keep it in check ,however they do insist on ripping not cutting every tendril they can reach just for the shear hell of it, on the patio outside just by my patio doors the clematis is high and on a purpose built structure for privacy and to hide the solid brick extension wall they put up  which cut out my eveing sun all together, when i am out so they think!  he climbs out of their bedroom window on to the extention  roof and proceeds to cut my clematis  on the top which i may add is not on his side and he can’t see it unless he looks down from his window. So thats my rant over nothing i can do what he does not realize is that the more he cuts it the more it will grow i find solice in the fact that it must be annoying him more than me and he ahs his work cut out. Anyway enough of that  back to my garden.

Last winter the wind and storms brought down the rose arch which you have to walk through to get into the garden, on the arch i grew ivy to secure it there are red climing roses and a honey suckle, as it happened because if the ivy  and honeysuckle one side of the arch was still secure so i managed to save the plants and after a severe trim and i mended the arch. On reflection as the spring and summer went the plants came on leaps and bounds it seems it ‘s just what they needed so out of something bad always comes something good. the red rose has not stopped flowing and it looked amazing.

I cant finish this without mentioning my frogs an affectionate term, they are are not mine they just live in my garden and i look after them and i enjoy them they eat most of the slugs and snails and splash around in the pond and this year was a bumper crop for baby ones, catching a glimpse of them when im gardening and  when  sitting in the garden on balmy evenings in the summerwatching the bats and huge moths the frogs  appeared on the patio in numbers  which was a specticle in itself.

Oh i do love the summer, the plants like the spring and autumn.



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