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maybe summer at last

The weather has been fabulous this last couple of days so the garden is coming on a treat, most of the spring plants have finished now and the summer plants are in and growing well,The tadpoles have no legs yet! some are big some are small, i can’t wait untill they start to change.

The big frogs have been enjoying the sun yesterday there were 6 all lined up sunning themselves on a rock in the pond. they have been a godsend to my garden as the garden used to suffer alot due to slugs and snails, now i maybe see one or two here and there.

The wisteria flowers are now fading and we have an abundance of leaves, i will have to thin them soon.


The pond now

9th May 09.…. this is the pond at the moment although it could change! the tadples are doing well and growing and are protected from the birds – magpies are the worst, if i had a gun a would shoot them they steal the tadpoles and the blackbird eggs from the nests.