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The Garden in June

Well, what a glorious week it’s been here in the north west, at last some good weather for the garden. I am really pleased with  the way everything is growing at last a wonderful country garden, full of bee’s and it’s hard to find a spot for something new so pots it is! The acer’s have done very well this year what  superb plants they are.  The tadploes are doing well, some have back legs and there are hundreds, the garden is so full i don’t often see the frogs now, unless i go out when it’s dark with a torch as they come onto the patio.  The green house which is not that big is full to capacity as usual i just can’t stop growing things this year i have a glut of tomato plants and aloe vera cuttings which i have found very easy to propagate needless to say now i have too many as usual. it’s strange the way each year some plants do better than others and the next year it changes again what didn’t do well last year is good this year and visa a versa, constant surprises all the time nature is indeed wonderful.                                                                                                                                                  


March 25th 2013

The snow is still thick on the garden, it was very unexpected for this time of year, only a few weeks ago the frogs were ready to spawn the birds were making nests, the plants had new growth and the bulbs were just about to flower, and i had just planted delicate spring plants  and now nearly the end of march the snow is approx 3 inches deep and because it’s so cold, it has frozen! i will not know what damaged it has caused untill it clears and at the moment according the weather forecast it’s staying for a week or more.  However i am always pleasantly surprised with ‘mother nature’ and how most things in the garden manage to survive through adversity, accepting the fact of course that i will have a few casualties so looking  on the bright side i will have more room to re-plant which is always a joy as i just never have enough room for everything i want to plant.
On the other hand i do worry about the wildlife, there is a lot of small frogs in the garden and they were out and about a few weeks ago i wonder if they had time to dig themselves in the soil before the snow arrived. The blackbirds had made 3 nests.
The evergreen plants seem to be fine and are well established which always helps, The hellebore just love this weather snow does not deter them at all and the snowdrop heads are just popping through the snow.