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Summer Battle

Well it is September 2014,

It seems i have battled for most of the summer with slugs, snails, lily beetle, earwigs, ants, scale insects,  squirrels, cats, and the dreaded vine weavil. I don’t use any pestisides in the garden as i have frogs  and toads and a lot of visiting bees and beneficial insects such as ladybirds etc. I bought some diatomaceous earth, food grade to deal with some of the pests anyway this works very well if it does not rain as to be effective it needs to be dry, i also tried a solution of borax and sugar  for the ants this also worked  for a while. There have been so many slugs and snails this year far too many for the frog population so i been lending a hand  picking them off on a regular basis.

The worst has been the devastating  vine weavil and the grubs the plump c-shaped white legless grubs have light brown heads and are up to 10mm (about 3/8in) long. They are likely to be found among the roots.  They have destroyed my grapevine and wistera which were growing beautifully and a lot of annuals. I have not tried the insecticide liquid drench yet but i will have to sooner or later.



In my garden I have 8 Azalea’s which are all approx 25 years old they are and always have been stunning each spring. However one or two I have noticed black sooty mould on stems and leaves , on closer inspection on the underside of the small leaves with a magnifying glass to my horror they have soft scale ( coccus hesperidium) I sat at my computer for hours reading about what can be done to help my plants naturally of course as I don’t use pesticides. So I think horticultural oil and neem oil which is going to be somewhat difficult due to the thousands of small leaves and the task of reaching each one is going to prove impossible and bering in mind it is in bud at the moment. It makes me so sad to think I might loose these magnificent plants due to a pest!